Bamboo-zled in Arashiyama

Being a student in Kyoto (or Japan) is such a wonderful and different experience.  One of the perks is that Saga Arashiyama is just a 30-min. (15 if you take the rapid), from the heart of Kyoto.  The fare (JR Saga Arashiyama station) usually costs anywhere between 160-540 yen depending on where you are coming from in Kyoto.

This place just literally awed me when I first visited last year.  It’s like being in a painting of meticulously-manicured bamboo trees.  You will just fall in love.  To cap it all off, there’s a romantic bridge waiting for you at the end which offers breathtaking views of the entire landscape.  Nature-lovers can spoil themselves with the walking trails surrounding the Katsura river.  Now that I study here, I can just zip here for a couple of hours every week and meditate.

Now you know where the site’s cover photo came from!
Looks like a painting, eh?
There are two major temples which you can visit in Arashiyama. This one is Daikakuji Temple and it is simply amazing for momiji viewing.
Daikakuji has a vast garden which would take about 1-2 hours of your time, especially during momiji season. Yes, the 500 yen entrance fee is super worth it.
Some shots of momiji, which means maple leaf in Japan.
However, nowadays it seems momiji is interchangeably used as a noun for the season itself.


More foliage!
Tenryuji Temple is the second temple you can visit. It is much smaller than the other but offers a lot for momiji viewing as well.
Would you look at that color!


The skies were just about to clear up that day. Here, you can see the majestic Togetsu-kyo Bridge and Katsura River. It gets really packed with tourists during peak season.
The Hozugawa River cruise costs about 4,000 yen/person.
Not a lot of tourists know this but there are trails which you can walk either sides of the river. It’s just a 30-min. walk with a temple at the end. The temple itself is okay but it’s the scenery that’s more interesting.
Another one of Japan’s pristine rivers.


Nature is at its best in this place.
I can just spend my entire day here looking at this landscape.

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