Biking in Kyoto: Kamogawa Riverbanks

Kyoto is an amazing biking city.

If you love nature and biking, doing both in this city is truly a remarkable experience.  I’d just like to share one of my weekly bike runs by the Kamo River, Kyoto’s most beloved.

Be sure to rent or buy a bike when visiting Kyoto!  It saves you so much time and money.  Bikes can usually be rented anywhere from 1,000-5,000 yen a day, depending on the bike and city.  Used bikes can be had for around 3,000-15,000 yen depending on the type.

The terrain of the riverbank is suitable for outdoor activities and is usually a hotbed of runners, bikers, baseball players, etc.  After a session, I find it relaxing to just sit by the river and read a book.  Or you can just gaze at the pristine water.




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