Ramen Sen No Kaze: Kyoto’s Best Bowl

Kyoto has a lot of ramen joints.  I’ve blogged earlier about Ichiran.  Ippudo‘s here.  Kyoto Gogyo‘s here.  Even Kyoto Station’s 10th floor is solely devoted to ramen!

Let’s face it.  All of them are very good.  But some ramen bowls are just made to be better than the rest.  Enter Ramen Sen No Kaze.

I found the place by accident while I was going around Teramachi and Shinyogoku.  It can be found in a really narrow street parallel to Shinyogoku.  If you see someone shouting and carrying a huge poster, the place is in front of that.

The place is very small and gets very packed during lunch and dinner hours.  Seating capacity is just around 15-20 people.  On multiple times, me and my friends must have waited an average of 30-45 minutes.  On a bad day, an hour.

A family of three (father, mother, daughter) runs the place.  My bet is they keep the secret to themselves.  No questions about quality control here.  Even the music is a collection of American classics.

They specialize in Shio ramen which means it is white and has a salt-based soup.  They offer it in three sets: ramen only, ramen and gyoza, ramen, gyoza, and rice.  It is topped with some Chashu pork cutlets (stewed pork, I believe) which are very, very tender.  The gyoza is cooked as you order and is served as an appetizer if ever you are getting that set.  I highly suggest getting the ramn with gyoza set because the gyoza happens to be one of the best in Kyoto as well.  The set is without fault.

The set in the picture is the ramen + gyoza set and costs 1000 Yen.  Very reasonable considering the high quality.  The wooden soup spoon has a very classy feel to it and enriches the experience even more.

The sake was there was provided by my friend.  We had a tough week in school before eating here.






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