For Golden Week, I’ll Blog Every Single Day!

If you have been following my blog, you would have heard an earful about how tough school has been so far.

I’ve received a lot of visitors from a lot of countries ever since I got featured on Expats Blog.  The colorful map on the Stats menu was nice!  Thank you!  Hope you are learning a lot (or not).

This is why the first order of business for Golden Week (which is like a 1-week long holiday) is to do some retail therapy.  Ever since news came out that Uniqlo and NY-based artist KAWS were doing a collaboration, I knew I had to get my hands on them.  I think KAWS is one of the best when it comes to modern art and design.  His works for Medicom and A Bathing Ape (pre-I.T.) were legendary.  It was kind of weird that Japan was the last one to get them, since Uniqlo is from Japan.  But anyway, the fast-clothing brand decided to release them on the 1st day of Golden Week!

So I woke up early to avoid unnecessary lines!  I had to get the most iconic KAWS creation, “Companion.”  I must say the prints were all very nice!  The embroidered “X X” was perhaps my favorite part.  Maybe this is the return of KAWS? Who knows?  Hopefully, more collabs in the future!

*I plan to blog every single day during Golden Week as a challenge to myself.  

The colors and the attention to detail is something else.  
One word: iconic.  This should replace the teddy bear if I were in charge of things. 

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