On Laziness

One of the greatest enemies of a person is laziness.  For a student, the recognition is amplified a hundred times.  For someone who is doing 3 jobs and supporting a family of 5, the recognition is astronomical.

Every thing in the material realm is bound by time.  That’s a fact.  People age.  New shoes become old.  Species become extinct.  Deadlines pass.  Oh @#t, did I submit my project already?

Assuming that you live in a material world (not everyone does), the single greatest source of waste is a wanton disregard for time.  That also probably makes time the single most valuable resource in the material world, too.

Which then leads me into asking:  Why do people allow laziness to permeate their material lives? 

The answer is simple: genetics.  Humans (and I am broadly generalizing here) prefer comfort to pain, happiness to sadness, etc.  The list goes on.  So don’t cringe, it’s not your fault.  It’s natural.

In the material world, however, natural preferences are not always rewarded.  If you prefer just sitting around all day at work, you would certainly get fired.  If you choose to sleep all day and ignore your assignments, they just balloon and you get a failing mark.

That is most likely the contextual landscape and this is my hypothesis: there is a natural human preference for laziness but the incentive schemes of the material world penalizes it.  

So can one escape laziness?  I’m afraid not since humans are programmed to prefer it.  However, the repercussions of being lazy are most likely going to be negative in the material world.  And that is something to keep in mind.  Unless, you live in a different world.

The material world is also full of distractions that can keep us from becoming lazy.  People become active.  They run, read, bike, blog, love, fight, etc.  But after some time, people develop a natural laziness towards any activity.

What one can do is recognize this natural tendency.  Just recognize.  See what happens.

You can even tell me what happens.

Think about it.

I think I need to find a world that rewards laziness.  




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