I Lost All Of Today’s Footage!

*this is a rant

Today was one of the greatest days ever.  I went to this amazing place by the sea and I was able to capture some fantastic footage.  It was most likely similar to driving to the South of France on a convertible and not making it because you ran out of gas.

Until my micro SD got fried.  Like fried chicken.  The weather was too good, I guess.

That was when I realized that I broke a cardinal rule: always bring extra SD cards.  

I’m so piled up with homework that I almost forgot to blog.

I still have a couple of photos and phone videos and I’ll try to make something out of them tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “I Lost All Of Today’s Footage!

  1. This is a very recognisable feature. In high Summer we also had a similar occasion and as often as ‘s…’ happen (would our children say) it are the pictures of beautiful places where we shall not so easily come again.

    Though in the cases we had that bad luck, the camera itself became ‘overheated’ so an other disk or SD card would not help.

    Better luck next time.

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