Filipino Expat Living in Japan

New expat bloggers on Expats Blogs get to answer an online interview about their respective lives abroad.  It asks questions relating to moving abroad, studying/working, living, talking, and everything else about the expat life.  It is an easy read and touches on a wide array of topics.  Hopefully, it could help some people who are planning toContinue reading “Filipino Expat Living in Japan”

Reading List!

I would want to keep a record of all the books I’m going to read from now on.  I wish I did it in the past but there is a probably a good reason for that.  It should partly serve as an indicator of my biases. A Bibilography of the Study of The Self, perhaps? So, I’m sharingContinue reading “Reading List!”

Kyoto Time Lapse! +GoT Ep. 3 Is Now Loading

You know that feeling when you’re so immersed into whatever you’re doing that you don’t realize a week just passed?  That was last week.  Whew. First, nothing delights me more than speaking to my girlfriend properly.  Not just sending some random emoticons and late messages.  I’m talking about real conversations in real time.   MaybeContinue reading “Kyoto Time Lapse! +GoT Ep. 3 Is Now Loading”

I Lost All Of Today’s Footage!

*this is a rant Today was one of the greatest days ever.  I went to this amazing place by the sea and I was able to capture some fantastic footage.  It was most likely similar to driving to the South of France on a convertible and not making it because you ran out of gas.Continue reading “I Lost All Of Today’s Footage!”

On Laziness

One of the greatest enemies of a person is laziness.  For a student, the recognition is amplified a hundred times.  For someone who is doing 3 jobs and supporting a family of 5, the recognition is astronomical. Every thing in the material realm is bound by time.  That’s a fact.  People age.  New shoes becomeContinue reading “On Laziness”

For Golden Week, I’ll Blog Every Single Day!

If you have been following my blog, you would have heard an earful about how tough school has been so far. I’ve received a lot of visitors from a lot of countries ever since I got featured on Expats Blog.  The colorful map on the Stats menu was nice!  Thank you!  Hope you are learningContinue reading “For Golden Week, I’ll Blog Every Single Day!”

Certified Expat Blog!

Looking back, it is often the small things that have profound ripples in the future. Just wanted to share that my blog recently got featured in Expats Blog!  *乾杯 (kanpai)* Thank you for adding me!  And coincidentally, this is my 20th post! *** The word expat (expatriate) gets tossed around a lot when I was working.Continue reading “Certified Expat Blog!”