Filipino Expat Living in Japan

New expat bloggers on Expats Blogs get to answer an online interview about their respective lives abroad.  It asks questions relating to moving abroad, studying/working, living, talking, and everything else about the expat life.  It is an easy read and touches on a wide array of topics.  Hopefully, it could help some people who are planning toContinue reading “Filipino Expat Living in Japan”

Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 3)

I suddenly remembered that I have to write about the last leg of my quick Tokyo trip! In case you missed out on the earlier posts, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.  The last part of our trip covered most of Central and Western areas of Tokyo: Akihabara, Harajuku, and Shinjuku.  These are the busiest places in Tokyo (probably in Japan) andContinue reading “Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 3)”

Certified Expat Blog!

Looking back, it is often the small things that have profound ripples in the future. Just wanted to share that my blog recently got featured in Expats Blog!  *乾杯 (kanpai)* Thank you for adding me!  And coincidentally, this is my 20th post! *** The word expat (expatriate) gets tossed around a lot when I was working.Continue reading “Certified Expat Blog!”