Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 1)

First timers in Tokyo! In the past, I had always wished to visit Tokyo.  I mean, hello, I live in Japan! Anyway, I planned the trip for me and my sister who was visiting.  The plan involved visiting 4 cities (Kyoto-Tokyo-Nara-Osaka) in 9 days using the least amount of cash possible. Tokyo from Kyoto?  HowContinue reading “Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 1)”

My Weekly Hike in Kyoto

Every week I make it a point to go hiking here in Kyoto, well, because I can!  The city is surrounded by mountains and one of them is fairly accessibly by bike. Daimonjiyama is just a 20-minute bike ride from Kyoto station or you can take a bus that will take you to Ginkakuji temple.Continue reading “My Weekly Hike in Kyoto”