Time Lapse: Kyoto Sunset

Found a way to break out of the apartment rooftop contraption.  All it took was opening one of the laundry room windows. *insert clever laugh*

Golden Week went by really quick. Too quick.  I’m still recovering from all the lost footage in Otsu but it is what it is.

Sunsets are always beautiful.  The transition from various degrees of yellow to various shades of orange is a sight to behold.  It is quite hard to use a negative word to describe a sunset.  It’s one of the main reasons I jog in the afternoon.  Lately, it’s been quite tricky to time them due to the longer daytime so I just tried to leave the camera shooting for a couple of hours while I went out for a jog.

E.M. Goldratt’s Critical Chain was a fantastic novel on business.  It was a lot about what runs in the minds of different levels of managers across different institutions.  Project management (and this does not only apply in business) is something that is dynamic.  Not unlike what most business textbooks say.

And this is what really is exciting about testing assumptions.  Assumptions make or break any mode of thinking.

Now I understand why one of my undergrad professors always nagged us about what our assumptions were.

Enjoy the sunset!



Time Lapse: Murakami and Kamogawa

My love for reading fiction is negatively correlated with my age.  When I was a kid, I would remember bringing home shortened versions of classic novels from the bookstore.  I had a ton of them.  You name it and I’ve probably read it.

As I grew up, things became very different.  Fiction became literally fiction to me.  It was too out there.  Too perfect.  It’s just one of those moments where you don’t know how it happened.

But then now, reality isn’t really that different from fiction.  There are only moments.  And most of my cherished moments in Kyoto are spent with nature.

Haruki Murakami is the only Japanese writer I know, which makes him my favorite by default.  I plant to read all his books while I’m here.  I didn’t even know he was born in Kyoto until I searched him on Google.  Anyway, I’ve just finished reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman about a couple of hours ago.  It was a fascinating collection of moments.  There’s still some beautiful weirdness in there, if you know what I mean.

Here’s this week’s time lapse.  I tried something new today by splitting one sequence into different vibes.

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Time Lapse: Kamogawa River

Kamogawa is one of the most underrated places in Kyoto.  When I was a tourist back in 2014, me and my friends completely missed this out.  Maybe because it’s just a river.  People don’t necessarily travel and go out of their way to see a river, right?  I could be wrong.

This river is so clean.  Clean might be an understatement.  I think the local government is so obsessed with cleaning and maintaining it that I see construction workers every week.

First world problems.

It cascades downwards so you get to see a lof of mini-waterfalls while strolling along the riverbanks.  It is just so peaceful that I come here every weekend to read a book or two.  It is also a favorite jogging/running/biking spot among locals.

Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) is right around the corner.  In fact, some flowers are starting to bloom already.  According to forecasts, the cherry blossoms are expected to be in their optimal state in the next 2 weeks.  I have also heard from people that the riverbanks are lined up with sakura trees.  Blog posts are forthcoming!

Unfortunately, only some have started blooming as of this afternoon.  Next week then!

Today was another beautiful day.  I’ve been wanting to start shooting time lapses all over Kyoto and figured today was perfect.  This week’s book was Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion and it kept me very distracted.  I must admit that the biologist’s 747 packs a lot of punch!  Atheists and time lapses!  What a day!

Here’s the result!  I was just using an SJ4K in 1080P30.  Maybe I’ll try the DSLR next time.

Music is Fragmented – Up Dharma Down.