Marugame Seimen: Fresh Udon, All The Time

Ask any student what their diet is like and noodles will most likely be somewhere in there.   I absolutely adore any kind of noodles.  Instant noodles, ramen, pancit, udon, soba, fried noodles.  As long as I can slurp it, it’s going down! My favorite type is probably thick wheat noodles, which is a rough translation ofContinue reading “Marugame Seimen: Fresh Udon, All The Time”

Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 1)

First timers in Tokyo! In the past, I had always wished to visit Tokyo.  I mean, hello, I live in Japan! Anyway, I planned the trip for me and my sister who was visiting.  The plan involved visiting 4 cities (Kyoto-Tokyo-Nara-Osaka) in 9 days using the least amount of cash possible. Tokyo from Kyoto?  HowContinue reading “Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 1)”