The Best Place To Take A Photo Of Kyoto? I Agree! 

I read in an article that this is one of the best places to take a photo of Kyoto ( I went there to see what all the fuss was about.  It turns out that this photo was taken from a slope in one of the bustling roads to Yasaka Pagoda coming from Kiyomizu dera.Continue reading “The Best Place To Take A Photo Of Kyoto? I Agree! “

Karainya: The Best Curry in Kyoto

Indian food is amazing.  Of all the places in the world, I never thought I’d find amazing Indian food here in Japan. Karainya is one of the best Indian restaurants near my school.  It is located on Imadegawa dori just before Horikawa dori.  You cannot miss it as it is situated on a busy intersection.  Going in,Continue reading “Karainya: The Best Curry in Kyoto”

Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 2)

Yes, as promised, here’s what went down in Tokyo! If you want to know where we stayed and how we got here, Part 1 will guide you through.  First off, buying a train pass comes highly recommended.  There are a number of passes available to tourists and non-tourists.  After reviewing all the bus passes, trainContinue reading “Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 2)”

Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 1)

First timers in Tokyo! In the past, I had always wished to visit Tokyo.  I mean, hello, I live in Japan! Anyway, I planned the trip for me and my sister who was visiting.  The plan involved visiting 4 cities (Kyoto-Tokyo-Nara-Osaka) in 9 days using the least amount of cash possible. Tokyo from Kyoto?  HowContinue reading “Tokyo Drift! A Fast and Furious Journey (Part 1)”

My Weekly Hike in Kyoto

Every week I make it a point to go hiking here in Kyoto, well, because I can!  The city is surrounded by mountains and one of them is fairly accessibly by bike. Daimonjiyama is just a 20-minute bike ride from Kyoto station or you can take a bus that will take you to Ginkakuji temple.Continue reading “My Weekly Hike in Kyoto”

A Day Trip In Nara

For the last part of oshogatsu (winter break), me and my friends decided to head on to nearby Nara.  Nara is most popularly known in Japan for its free-roaming deer but the city also has a rich past.  It is the first imperial capital of Japan and was established around 710.  You can easily compareContinue reading “A Day Trip In Nara”

Miyajima: An Amazing Island

Before coming to Japan, I knew that it was a country comprised of a number of islands (though not as archipelagic as the Philippines).  Most of the anime I watched as a kid were mostly set in either the big cities or mountainous countrysides.  All of these changed when I got to visit Miyajima (Itsukushima) forContinue reading “Miyajima: An Amazing Island”

Hiroshima: Where Peace Happens

Hiroshima is literally a city that has risen from ashes.  History may have not been on this city’s side during WWII but that totally changed.  Now, it is a city that is thriving and blossoming.  I was amazed at how the people of Hiroshima were able to rebuild the city while retaining its core heritage.Continue reading “Hiroshima: Where Peace Happens”